​Welcome to Year 6!

​Autumn Term
​​Welcome back Everyone!

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This term we will be looking at a range of texts based on WW2. Our class novel is 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll, but we will also be reading other texts and books based on our theme, both fiction and non-fiction. Every week, we will be creating different pieces of writing based on various genres. As a class we will continue to practice​ using our reciprocal reading skills to help us understand texts better and  learn new vocabulary.



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​​Maths skills this term:

  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • The 4 operations
  • Place value-values/rounding etc
  • number facts- primes/squares/cubes
  • factors and multiples 
  • Arithmetic skills

The children will be constantly using their skills to solve reasoning and problem solving tasks. They will need to use perseverance, be resilient and not give up at times!

Science: Light and Electricity
History/Geography: Battles and wars since 1066 with an​​ in-depth study into WW2
Art/DT: WW2 art work/Bayeux Tapestry/War biscuit making
Computing: Python and HTML coding/digital literacy 
French: Cafe foods and weather
RE: Hinduism- stages of life and beliefs
Judaism- stages of life, Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Music: musical elements/orchestra/composition 
PE: Gymnastics and Team Games
PSHCE: New Beginnings
​Also this term:
Bikeability starts 5th November lasting for 3 days
Class trip to Stockport Airraid Shelter is on 27th November

In Year 6, the children are given a green homework planner/diary, which must be brought in each day. The diary is for parents/car​ers to communicate to us in and for the children to use to record their homework tasks.



English Homework: set on Tuesday and to be brought back on Friday

Maths Homework: set on Friday and to be brought back on Monday 

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