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​​A big warm welcome back after the summer holidays!

Dates for Your Diary

Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning 

Fortnight starts on Monday 2nd October.

You are invited to come along to a maths

lesson. A letter will be sent out 

confirming the date and time for your 

child's class. 






School News Letters 

Welcome Back!

Letter Problem Solving and Reasoning maths fortnight 2017.pdf

​                  School Calendar


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Autumn Term 2017

​School opens Monday 4th September 

Half Term Holiday

Break up Friday 20th October at 2pm- Back to school Monday 30th October


Christmas Holiday

Break up Friday 15th December at 2pm- Back to school Wednesday 3rd January 2018

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Spring Term 2018

​School opens Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Half Term Holiday

Break up Friday 9th February at 2pm- Back to school Monday 19th February


Easter Holiday


Break up Thursday 29th March at 2pm- Back to school Monday 16th April

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Summer Term 2018

​School opens Monday 16th April

​Half Term Holiday

Break up Friday 25th May at 2pm- Back to school Tuesday 5th June



​on Friday 20th July 2018 at 2pm