All children have made a good start back at school and settled well into the new routines. We have been busy in a morning with Maths and English work and we are particularly working hard on handwriting and being carefull with the overall presentation of our work.

 In the afternoon we have done a wide variety of things but a big focus and priority this term is on Personal, Social and Health Education. The children have discussed and completed activities around reconnecting with their friends, keeping themselves safe, talking with others about their feelings and thinking in a positive way.

 Children have all made individual lapbooks as part of our PSHE lessons.
Maths - Given on a Monday and to be handed in the following Monday .
English - Given on a Thursday and to be handed in the following Thursday.
Spellings - A set of 10 spellings given out on Thursday and children will be tested the following Thursday.
Times Tables - Every Friday the children will complete a Times Table Challenge. Their target is to be able to answer 144 multiplication questions in 12 minutes!



Our PE days are Monday and Thursday and will take place outdoors. Due to the weather children are encouraged to wear leggins, jogging bottoms, tracksuits for PE and to have their kit with them everyday so that we can try and choose our PE slot according to the better weather.



This year we are fortunate to be able to have guitar tuition for the whole class. These lessons will be on a Monday afternoon. If your child has a guitar it would be great if they could bring it to school on a Monday to use in the lesson. If not we do have guitars in school for the children to use and hopefully they will be able to bring one home to practise on in a few weeks time. 




We are setting up the facility to be able to provide work for children through Google Classroom should the whole school or groups of children need to isolate. Your child has their own email address and password to log on. At the moment we are learning what does and doesn't work, this is a learning process for us all, so please bear with us as we try to iron out any initial problems setting the system up!

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​​​​In a morning we come in and have a go at diffferent daily challenges. Below are some examples of the types of activities we do while everyone washes their hands, prepares for working and we have the register taken.

​​​​Challenge One​​​​​​​​Make a list of synonyms for the word "said" and use 5 of them in a sentence.
Challenge Two​​Find 5 ways to make this sentence more exciting. "The boy played in the park."​
Challenge Three​​ ​​​Draw a plant and label the different parts.
Challenge Four​​​Write an A-Z of countries.
Challenge Five
If 36​​ is the answer what is the question? Think of 5 different questions.​​​​