​Keep smiling 4/5K and look after yourselves and your families.


The Coronavirus pandemic that we are living through at the moment is a historic event that will be talked about for many years to come. It is history in the making. I'd therefore like you to create your own lockdown time capsule. This is your project for the final 2 weeks of  home learning.

Once you have gathered everything together you need to find a suitable container depending on where you are going to put your capsule. Will you bury it outside or keep it somewhere safe indoors so you can share it with your family in years to come?​

​​​On Monday and Wednesday join the Joe Wicks Daily P.E. lesson ​
at 9​am.   Keep on trying to do a Daily Challenge before starting the activities in the timetable below. If you are able to print off the resources, that's great, but don't ​wo​rry if you can't, you can note down your answers on paper​. 

Remember you can sign up for 1-1 Zoom guitar lessons with Mr Laurie Hulme. They are free and can be booked on line and the details of how to do this are in the attached letter further down the page. I know that some of you have already taken up this great opportunity and hope more of you will give it a go!

​​logo 6a.jpg
​​​​These are your 5 Daily Challenge activities for week beginning 6th July. Have a go at completing one each day, you can do them in any order you like. Have fun!

​​​​Challenge One​​
​​​​​​If you were an arch​aeologist what object would you want to find and why?​
Challenge Two​​Calculate the number of weeks, days and hours until your next birthday.
Challenge Three​​
​​​Design a front cover for your favourite book.
Challenge Four​​
​Write an A-Z of sports.
Challenge Five

If Summer​ is the answer what is the question? Think of 5 different questions.​​​​

Suggested Ho​​me Learning Timetable
Week Beginning 6th July.

Monday​ ​Tuesday

Punctuation and Grammar Mat. 

Writing Task from the link below
Writing 7.7.20.PDF

Reading Comprehension
​Writing task
from the link
Writing 9.7.20.odt
​Reading Comprehension
I asked my Dad again​
from Classroom Secrets Kids
​If you do Maths with Miss Lacey please visit her webpage for your Maths activities.

 Summer    Term Week 11

Watch video     Lesson 1  ​   Activity

Lesson 1 - Identify angles.pdf

Lesson 1 Answers - Identify angles.pdf

Summer     Term Week 11

     Watch video             ​Lesson 2          Activity:

Lesson 2 - Compare and order angles.pdf

Lesson 2 Answers - Compare and order angles.pdf

       Summer         Term  Week 11

     Watch video -​         ​Lesson 3        Activity:​

Lesson 3 - Triangles.pdf

Lesson 3 Answers - Triangles.pdf

       Summer        Term  Week 11

      Watch video        Lesson 4   Activity​

Lesson 4 - Quadrilaterals.pdf

Lesson 4 Answers - Quadrilaterals.pdf

Summer     Term Week 11

      Watch video  -           Lesson 5      ​          Activity:       

Complete the Challenge on Daily Bitesize.

Spelling Shed
List 35
Spelling Shed
List 35
Test of List 35 Spellings​ Spelling Shed
List 36
Spelling Shed​
List 36
 x Tables
Maths Frame Multiplication Check
Hit the Button
Maths Frame Multiplication Check
Hit the Button​
Maths Frame Multiplication

Topic / Project
Over the next 2 weeks gather together and create things for your lockdown time capsule.

Ideas for you Lockdown Time Capsule Project are in the link below, but some further ideas​ are:

  • A letter to who ever opens your capsule.

  • A newspaper clipping or print a news article from the internet.

  • Drawings and photos.

  • Evidence of games or activities you have done as a family.

  • Some diary entries.

  • A record of any special memories (for example Clap for Carers, VE day celebrations).

  • A 2020 dated coin​.

  • A couple of pieces of toilet paper and a hand wipe (a reminder of how people were panic buying).

​​​​​Covid 19 Time Capsule Activities.pdf
Creative Activity

Guitar Practise using HWMSS lessons.Music Lesson.pdf

Touch Typing​
Level 4/Stage 10
Guitar Practise 
using Yumu​
Make your own Origami Penguin Scene.

Origami-penguin-craft-instructions.pdf​ ​​​

Guitar, flute and clarinet lessons at home plus free 1-1 tuition.​​​​




​​​Halton and Warrington Music Service have put together a scheme of lessons for you to carry on learning to play your guitar, flute or clarinet. In addition you can book a free weekly 15 minute Zoom lesson with Mr Laurie Hulme too.​ Just follow the instructions in the letter below.

Guitar tuition letter.pdf

Guitar, flute and clarinet lessons to follow during school closure.pdf

Zoom Guide for Parents.pdf

I hope you've enjoyed trying out the Homophone Riddles. Below is another link to a further 50 for you to have a go at!! ​​

​Don't forget to learn you weekly spellings using Spelling Shed.  Remember the list changes on a Thursday. I'm giving 50 Honey pots each week as a reward to everybody who has a go. This week there were 12 of you who earned a reward of 50 Honey pots.

 ​Letter to Parents - Click on the link below

Mrs Kerr's School Closure Letter to Parents.odt