​​Welcome back to a brand new school year!
A very warm welcome to year 3/4 class.
Important Class Information  


This term we will have P.E. on Thursdays and Fridays. It is always best to send their in kit at the beginning of the week and leave it in school until the end.  Black shorts or  leggings, white t-shirt and a change of shoes is required.

Fruit is 20p a piece or 10p a half piece. It is easier to bring the money altogeth​er at the beginning of the week.

Please have water bottles in school each week.


Homework will be given out every Friday and should be returned on the following Thursday. The work helps your child to reinforce what we have learnt during the day/week and deepen their understanding.​​​​


We Lov​e Reading!​

In Year 3/4, we have b​een learning how to run our own Guided Reading groups with Reciprocal Reading. It encourages children to think about their own thought processes and be actively involved and boosts their confidence. The children work in groups and take turns to be the Big Boss, Predictor, Clarifier, Questioner and Summariser.




Image result for volcanoe​​​​​


In S​cience this term, the children have been learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes. We have investigated how volcanoes are created, where they are located and the terminology involved.
​​As there are no volcanoes in Runcorn … we will be attempting to create our own volcanic explosions!
​     best of british.jpg

Science activities

We will also focus on Best of British and Science topics in the upcoming term.

Year 3 Expectations Booklet for Parents

Year 4 Expectations Booklet for Parents​​

Year 4 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar booklet




​2014 New Maths Curriculum

​​​​Fractions - adding, ordering, equal

Multiplication (2,3,4,5,8,10)

Column addition and subtraction

​Numbers to 1000 (year 3)

Numbers beyond 1000 (year 4)

Mad Minutes​ 

​​Please try this website below.  It is organised into different age levels (tabs at the top) and then into different topics.

 Most games have a variety of levels so you can choose the one that suits.

Playing games is the best way to help your child learn their table facts by heart.

We learn the tables in this order...

x2s, x5s, x10s, x3s, x4s, x8s

Pupil Voice
We believe it is really important that we consult with our pupils and consider their opinions, ideas and thoughts, to help us to evaluate what the children like about our school. Here are a few of the children’s thoughts;​​
​I enjoy spelling fun, learning about volcanoes and reciprocal reading. Oden
I like mad minutes, Science and ​learning new things. Luke
I love to draw, writing stories and Golden Time. Libby​​
​My favourite work is maths and I also like spelling fun. Esmee​​