Welcome to Year 3/4R​
Important Class Information  
This term we will have P.E. on Tuesday and Friday. It is always best to send a ​P.E. kit in at the beginning of the week and leave it in school until the end of the week. Black shorts or leggings, white top or t-shirt and a change of shoes.


Fruit is 20p a piece or 10p a half piece. It is easier to bring the money altogeth​er at the beginning of the week.

Please have water bottles in school each week.


Homework and spellings will be given out every Tuesday and should be returned on the following Monday. The work helps your child to reinforce what we have learnt during the day/week and deepen their understanding.​​​​


Reciprocal Reading​​

In Year 3/4, we have b​een learning how to run our own Guided Reading groups with Reciprocal Reading. It encourages children to think about their own thought processes and be actively involved and boosts their confidence. The children work in groups and take turns to be the Big Boss, Predictor, Clarifier, Questioner and Summariser. This term we will be looking at a vairtey of texts linked to our Ancient Eygpt topic.





Spring Term 2019

Extreme Earth​​​​

This term, as part of our topic, we will look at Volcanoes, Earth quakes and rainforests in Geography. In science we will be looking at Rocks and soils and plants. how to mummify a body anf canopic jars. This will all be linked to our class read 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' which is the story of an aspirant Firework-Maker who takes a perilous journey to find Royal Sulphur.

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Year 3 Expectations Booklet for Parents

Year 4 Expectations Booklet for Parents​​

Year 4 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar booklet


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Maths Curriculum

Place Value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division 

 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12)

Numbers up to and beyond 1000

Measure & perimeter

144 Club

​By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know their timestables up to 12 x 12. Please help your child by ensuring they practise their tables regularly at home. Chanting, singing songs and writing them down are all good ways of learning tables. A good knowldeg e of tables will help your child in most areas of their Maths work, especially fractions. 

​​Please try the websites below.  It​ is    organised into different age levels (tabs at the top) and then into different topics.

 Most games have a variety of levels so you can choose the one that suits.

Playing games is the best way to help your child learn their table facts by heart.

Our class reads
We will read a variety of books this term including:

The Firework-Makker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman

Non-Fict​ion texts