High Legh Primary School - Class 2

Our suggested  Weekly Class Timetables

Home Learning                                                Class 2L:  Weekly Plan                                  Week Beginning: 29/06/20                                                                                       


Home Learning                                                Class 2L:  Weekly Plan                                  Week Beginning: 06/07/20                                                                                       



Can you write the rest of the story?  Let your imagination go wild!


Continue your story from yesterday.  Read it through and check for any mistakes.  Share with your family.


Perfect picture.


Question Time and answer the questions on paper or your book. Use the text to help you.


Sentence challenge and sick sentences – make the sentences better and improve them!




Lesson 1



Lesson 2



Lesson 3



Lesson 4



Lesson 5

Spelling /Phonics

Spelling Shed



Phonics Play


Spelling Shed


Phonics Play


Spelling Shed


Topic/ Project



Healthy Hearts!




Healthy lunch boxes

Creative ideas

PE / Exercise– Joe Wicks at 9:00


Just Dance on Youtube


Cosmic Kids Yoga


Challenge your family to a step challenge.  How many steps can you do in a day?  A week?  Over the weekend…The winner gets to choose …. You decide!


Make up a dance – then your family have to make up a dance each and then you have to teach each other.  Remember:  Keep dancing and boogie on down!


Observational drawings


Collect some flowers, leaves, fruits – up to you.


Look very carefully at your chosen object – Draw exactly what you see.  Shade your drawings.


Observational drawing is drawing what you see in front of you as realistically and as true to life as possible.




Circle time with your family.  Choose a teddy, stone anything but the rule is you can only talk when you have this item in your hand. 


Choose a topic from the list below or if you think of something else feel free to use that.  This session is to talk about how we are feeling.


  1.  I was really happy when ….
  2. The most favourite memory of our family was when …
  3. Three things that I am grateful for are ….., …….. and ……. Because …


Really listen to each other and think about how the comments from your family make you feel.


Make a Happiness Memory Jar – write down when something makes you smile, happy or proud and then in 6 months read them out to each other – watch for the smiles…









San Francisco is in California. California is one of 50 states that make up the United States of America - USA - in the continent of North America.  Learn some more facts about this part of the world.



Can you remember the songs we learnt a while ago about the continents – We have the whole world in our hands …


The Ocean song … There are five, there are five ocean, ocean ….


Look back at the work you have done in geography and can you tell me why I have asked you to learn about the countries – what can you tell me…


Which continent/country would you like to visit and why?  Write about this and then interview a member of your family and ask them the same question?  Think about questions you could ask:  1.  What foods would you eat?  2. What language would the people of the country speak i?

Golden time- play a game, dress up, colour in – you have earnt this – have fun!​​


Mrs Lea's Daily Message to her Class


Hi 2L. 


How are you all today?  I know it is all very strange at the minute, the things we take for granted are being missed.  I already miss your smiley faces, stories about your weekend adventures and I know you must be missing my brilliant jokes!  (Don't worry I have put some further down the page... enjoy!)


Things seem very different right now but remember if you are safe and well and with your families - that is the most important thing in the world.


Yes, do your work from your learning packs, but take time out to breathe and look out of your window, step into your garden and notice things that makes you smile.  


I will keep posting jokes of the day, thoughts of the day and activities you may want to do at home.


Missing you lots.

Stay safe, stay well and keep smiling my little angels!


Mrs Lea x


Hi Team 2L,

How are you today?  It's my birthday today - wish I could spend it with you!

Lovely to see the sun is still shining, hope you are doing PE and wellbeing outside.  Has anyone had chance to start their dragons?  I am still collecting bits and bobs - will try and put a picture of my Dragon Machine when I finish it...not sure it will look like a dragon - but I will try my best!  As I say as long as you try your best that's all you can do!

Going to have a picnic with my children and Ralph in the garden.  Will tell you what mischief Ralph gets up to tomorrow!

Big virtual hugs

Stay safe.

Mrs Lea x


Hi Team 2L,

How are you doing?  Hope you are well.  I am missing you so much, I keep wondering when Lydia, Catherine and Mya are going to ask me can they sharpen their pencil, missing Jenson scaring me by sneaking up behind me and moaning at Penelope for swinging on her chair!  I miss telling Noah, Miah, Demi and Gracie to check their work and s-l-o-w   

d-o-w-n and Molly, Jorgie and Zakk to stop talking.  Louie and Corey to stop shouting out to each other, Michael, Riley and Riley to go and sit down and get on with their work.  Eva please wave to your sister she is missing you!  Evie keep on smiling!  Macy, Luca. Evelyn and Oscar you are doing a great job, keep going!  Mia, Phoebe and Mia get on with your work and stop daydreaming... Reece stop telling me jokes I am being serious here! Miss Lester where are the postits?​ Jamie, Lewis and Joseph where are you?  Oh, yes we still remember you too!

Oh, sorry I drifted off and suddenly I was back at Brookvale in our class - Happy days!  Hope you can imagine our class as above and have a little smile!

More jokes today - they are as funny as ever!

Big virtual hugs - write a diary like Samuel Pepys as this will be your history and you can tell your children/grandchildren all about this.

Missing you,

Mrs Lea x


Hi 2L,

How are you today?  

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, 

hope you are smiling, I still miss you!

What have you been up to today?  I have been chasing Ralph round the garden as his new game is pinching my slipper and then running round the garden happily!  Then when he is too tired he lays on top of it so I still can't get it!

I have put teddy bears in the window so that children who are out for a walk can go on a bear hunt...this was a good idea but unfortunately this did not work as Ralph, yes, you've guessed it, decided to take the teddies in the garden and would not give them back.  He is a pain but he is keeping me fit!

Will write again tomorrow.  Keep smiling.

Mrs Lea x


Hi angels of 2L,

How are you doing?  Hope you are well and getting to do some work but fun activities such as keepy up challenge, baking, drawing, making dens in the garden etc...

I am working with my children at home and they cannot wait to get their 'real' teachers back as they are not enjoying their teacher Mrs Lea - How rude!  

Seriously, it makes you realise how important things like friends and routine are - we all have a little moan from time to time but really we are realising that these are the important things.

Did you clap for the NHS (Doctors, nurses etc) last night?  Can you do me a favour today?  Can you clap at 4.oopm for your families, friends and people you care about and show them how much you care?  We are so lucky to have each other, always remember that.

Well, Ralph is finding socks at the minute to run round the garden with, he is so creative, every day he thinks of a new way of winding me up!  He is getting 10/10 at the minute!

Big hugs and have a good weekend.  Will write again on Monday.

Take care of you and your family.

Missing you lots

Mrs Lea x 

PE - Image result for peclipart

Have you tried the Joe Wicks PE on Youtube at 9am ... Worth a go - gets your heart pumping...​


Click here to access Topmarks maths website

 Inspiring Quotes About Play - The Kindergarten Connection


Dear 2L,

How are you doing?  I am ok, homeschooling is not easy - ask your mums and dads!  I love being with my children but I do think they are getting fed up, they are not laughing at my jokes AT ALL now and basically fed up with me!

Have you made anything nice recently?  We have made cakes, biscuits and Tia even made chocolate lollypops!

Did you enjoy the video the staff did?  Hope it made you smile.  We really do miss you and hope that we are together very soon.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi team 2L,

How are you all feeling today?  Hope the sunshine is making you feel happy.  Hope you have been able to go on a minibeast hunt, you should be able to find lots of little creatures hiding under stones, logs and in the soil.  I was putting the washing out earlier and I saw a beetle going for a walk across the path, a massive bumble bee and a wasp buzzing around.  ​Hope you are enjoying the poems about the minibeasts and finding facts about them for your science project.

Take care and say hi to your families.  Hope you have a nice day.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

Hope you and your families are well and enjoying the sunshine.  We have been busy with school work and then we decided to strip the wallpaper.  It was one of those jobs that you think why I have done this and my children disappeared and left me to it!  I know! Rude!  I didn't realise how long it would take and now fed up with it but seeing I have started I will finish and hope that the new wallpaper comes soon!

Did you get chance to do some art sculputers in the garden?  Hope you took some photos, you can show me when we go back to school, whenever that will be.  I look forward to hearing about all the adventures you have got up to.

I know it's hard, but I also know that you are brave and will be doing your best to stay positive.  Keep smiling.  This will be over one day.

Have a lovely weekend, I forgot it was bank holiday on Friday so I will leave it up to you if you want to work or not tomorrow.  Whatever you do, have some relaxation - did you try to do the Cosmo Kids Yoga?  Hope it helped calm your mind and body!

Take care.

Mrs Lea x​

PS I have put a Reading Bingo on the website - scroll down.  See if you and your family can challenge each other to get a full house!  I will try too!



Hi 2L,

Hope you are well and ready to have a good week.  This week we are going to work on space.  You can read poems about space, make rockets, learn about the solar system and could even write about aliens if you want!  

How good would it be if we could jump in a rocket?  Which planet would you visit first?  What would you pack for your journey?  Imagine if  you could make a rocket and you magically went on a journey to space... what adventures would you have?

I hope you enjoy the activities.  Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Lea x​

Think Happy Thoughts, Nursery Wall Art Kids Room, Nursery ...  Cardboard Toilet Paper Roll Rockets for Fireworks Craft ...  Best ever space crafts using a loo roll! | 5 Minute Fun


Hi 2L,

How are you on this windy day?  Hope you are well.  I have just cut my son's hair styled it and thought I was a hairdresser when he said, mum, cut it all off!  He loves it but I miss his longer hair!  I said to Ralph, he was next but he ran away and his hiding under the table - how rude!  I will do it in his sleep!  He will look like the Specsavers advert!

Doing work with Thomas and he is working hard!  He should be doing his SATs this week, we should be finishing ours too.  It's a funny feeling, as I know year 6 and year 2 have worked hard but this won't stop us, we will continue to work and be proud of our achievements.  I am proud of you all.  Miss you all so much.  Cannot wait to see you when it is safe to do come into school.

Keep smiling.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

Just a quick note to say hi, hope you are having a good day. Keep trying your best and remember to think of happy memories to cheer you up.  Maybe you could make a little book of happy memories so when you are having a day where you are not so happy you can look in your book and this will make you smile.  You could do a family one so you could all remember a time when you were happy, or something funny, photographs or pictures could be added.

I have started a 'Scapbook' of what we have been doing at home during lockdown - I have said to my children they should keep this and show their children and grandchildren - great history for your children too!

Well, guys, have a great day.  

Bye for now

Mrs Lea x​


Dear 2L,

How are you all?  Missing you lots and wish we could go back to normal.  I really miss our old life and miss having a giggle with you!

I have changed English a bit this week, it's all based on a short film about a little boy learning to make clouds.  I hope you enjoy doing this work as it is just a little bit different.  Try and read for at least 15 minutes a day.  Remember you can go on O​​xford Owl website to read some e-books.  

This is the last week of Everyday Materials so I would like you to create a little booklet, leaflet or poster to show me how much you know (don't worry I have added some information for you if you need help!)

Have a good week.  The weather is supposed to be nice next week so here's hoping.

Take care and stay safe.​

Mrs Leaemoticon happy | Smiley, Tanda lucu, Gambar terlucu


Hi lovely ladies and gents of year 2L,

 How are you all doing?  ​I hope you are well and being good for your family.  I know it is hard for you but try and do your best and hopefully, one day we will look back and remember the positive points ie) spending time with the ones you love.

I cannot wait to see you all and share what you have done over lockdown.  I am taking photographs with my children and doing a scrapbook so they can show their children/grandchildren when they are older.  Children will learn about the pandemic like we learn about the Great Fire of London!

Hope you are enjoying this weeks work, I thought the short film was lovely.  Imagine if you could blow clouds for real.  I would send you all a message in the sky for you if I could do this and make you smile!

Have a great day.

Best wishes

Mrs Lea x 

The letters i miss you written with cloud letters surrounded by a ...


Hiya 2L,

How are you?  The sun is shining down and everywhere looks much nicer in the sunshine.  

Hope you are well and your families too of-course.  What have you been up to?  Wish I could hear your answers!  I have been trying my hardest to motivate my children to do their school work but some days it is harder than others!

At the weekend we are going to put some decking in the garden - we are going to learn new skills and hope it works out!  Haven't done wood work since I was in school and let's face it, that was a very long time ago!  Wish me luck!

Has anyone done some art work lately?  We are getting paints out later and doing some painting - I may choose cold colours like blue and start of with white and then add a little bit of blue each time to do a sky.

Dreamland: A Simple Night Sky Painting Tutorial — Steemit

I may add some stars - how about you do something like this if you have paints.  We could compare when we go back to school.

Well, guys. I better get back to my children as they are arguing - see it is just like school! hehehe.

Take care and keep smiling - you have great smiles!


Mrs Lea x​

PS I thought this was a nice thing to do:


Hi 2L,

How are we today? The clouds are in the sky, I keep looking up to see if you have made any pictures or messages in the sky!  I live in hope!

Ralphie dog is getting a bit bored now, my husband is digging in the garden so Ralph decided to help and is now running wildly in the garden.  He is going crazy, his fur is wild and is like a little black cloud of fluff.  He is living the dream!  I wish I had his energy!

Nearly the weekend, we can do this!  Keep smiling and be kind to the ones you live with.

Take care.

Missing you lots.

Mrs Lea x​ 


Hi 2L, 

How are you all doing?  I say this every time but I hope you are well and staying safe.  It is half term next week so have a rest from your work and relax - it's important to have a rest.  

For those of you who want to be busy, yes, I know who you are! I have decided to put a few activities so that you can pick and choose tasks to do if you want to.

Ideas - Just for fun:

*  Lay down and look at the clouds - really look carefully - Can you see any shapes in the clouds?  Slow your breathing down and relax.  (Please do not do this if it is pouring down or the ground is wet! Obvious I know but I know some of you may forget!

*  Bake some cakes or biscuits.  Remember to get an adult to help you but make some nice treats for your family.  

*  Fruit salad or fruit kebabs are easy to do - healthy and fun.  If you are really ambitious you could even try to make a rainbow like below!  Looks yummy!Rainbow Fruit Skewers - Finger Prickin' Good

*​* Read your favourite book to a member of your family in the garden if it is a sunny day.  

*  Make a den - I used to love doing this with my children - they are too cool for school now and won't play - Maybe I could do it with Ralphie dog!

*​ Write a story about whatever you want - let your imagination go wild - be as creative as you want.  Writing for fun allows your mind to have fun.

*  Make up a dance routine and teach it to your family.

*  Play hide and seek.

*  Draw a funny picture - see if you can make your family smile - now they have to do one for you!

*  Dress up, have fun and enjoy being a child!

If I think of any more I will get back to you.  Remember you do not have to do all, you do not have to do any of the activities. I do not want you to get stressed out - try your best my lovelies!  Do what you can.

Missing you as always.

Mrs Lea x​


Dear children and parents,

Really sorry to hear the links were not working - I have changed all the English plans as the resources will not work.  Sorry guys, I only found out today.  I have typed very fast to fix the problem- hope it works now!

Will stop writing now as I want you to be able to go on the website - speak to you later.

Mrs Lea​


Dear 2L,

How are you?  Hope you and your family are well.  It was a little bit shocking when I opened the blinds and it was raining.  Funny how you get used to it being sunny.  All the gardens will be very happy with the rain.  You know I said I was going to plant some seeds - well you never guess what has happened?  My rocket (green leaves not the ones in the space!) have grown.  They are only tiny but I have grown something!  Hurray!  I will keep you posted and take photographs to show you!  I hope if you are planting seeds you have success too!

Well, what are you up to today?  I hope you are enjoying the work I set for you, I am sure you are working hard.  I know it's not the same as school but honestly, I am so proud of you all.  I miss your smiley faces but when I think of you, it makes me smile.

Going to go and help my children to keep on task.  When they see me typing to you they think they can have a break - cheeky monkeys!

Have a great day.

Keep smiling and being you!

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

Hope you are well.  I went into school today for a meeting and saw two very smiley children called Catherine and Evie!  It was lovely seeing you both!  I wish I could see all of our class - I keep hoping.

Not much to tell you really - all I have done is school work and getting cuddles from Ralphie dog.  He was so sad when I left the house for school today.  When I came back he was jumping like a kangaroo and just wanted me to pick him up.  He thinks he is a baby I am sure.  Now he won't leave me alone and everybody where I go he is there - I should have called him Shadow!

Well enjoy the rest of the day.  Keep smiling and being posi​tive if you can.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

How are you doing?  I cannot believe it is Friday today - I don't know what day I am on half the time (yes, I know, you are all giggling as I am like that most days hehehe). Smiley Face Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

What are you up to today?  The weather is a bit mixed isn't it?  Keeps trying to let the sunshine but then the clouds get in the way! I am going to try and go for a big long walk at the weekend and try and chill out.  Going to read a book too.  That's my plan, what is yours?

I hope you do have time to play, read and listen to music to calm your mind and relax.  It is important to look after your well-being, don't forget to have a look at the yoga poses on this page and how you can be kind to yourself and others.

Missing you as always. Mrs Lea


28 Funny Inspirational Quotes On Life That Will Inspire You ...


Dear 2L

Hope you had a nice weekend.  I haven't done much really.  I have planned for you and planned activities that I can do with the Key Worker children in school on Monday.  We are going to do some activities that I have done with you so wish me luck - I hope they like it as much as you!

I finally got my car fixed - it has been broken over the lockdown which didn't matter as I haven't been anywhere!  Mrs Austin's husband came to my rescue and he changed my battery in my car and it came alive!  Hehe!  I can now drive myself to work - I wish I was driving in to work with you!

As long as we are all safe and healthy though that is the main thing and I know it is hard but that's what we need to remember.

Will write again on Tuesday.

Take care my little angels.

Mrs Lea x​


Dear 2L and families,

I hope you are all safe and well.  This is my fifth attempt at writing this as my computer keeps freezing - Getting a little bit fed up with it now!  Anyway, how are you doing?  I was in school yesterday with key worker children and it was good to work with them but cannot lie it made me miss you even more!  Every day I think we are one step closer to being together and then something changes!  

I have been planning work for you for next week and trying to think of things that you will like.  It is hard as it is not like teaching you and I wish I could speak to you and see what work you are enjoying and show me your work and art etc.  If for any reason you are finding it hard to do the work on the computer I have done a pack for you to pick up from school - it should last a few weeks - You must phone up and get an appointment to pick this up but if that would be easier go for it!  So hard as I haven't got a way of knowing if you are able to do the work at home.

I have been very busy with my herbs and I have got to say I am soooooo proud of myself - they haven't died and are actually growing - I will attempt to add a photograph below to show you.  I have got rocket, lettuce, spinach, dill, oregano and basil - some are growing faster than others but my goodness it is definitely a miracle as I am not 'green fingered'!

Well guys, will leave it there for now but I will write again soon.

Have a good day.

Missing you lots like jellytots!

Mrs Lea x​


I can hear your clapping and gasping "wow, Mrs Lea!"  Thank you, Thank you - hehehe.  


Hi 2L,

How are you doing?  What are you up to today? I hope you and your family are well.  We are fine, just doing maths with my children and then we are going to move on to English.  It's not the same as teaching you - you are much smilier and you think my jokes are funny!  Even Ralph groans at my jokes - how rude!

I did try to add photographs but it never worked so I will have to take photographs and show you when we are back at school! 

​You are not going to believe this...Ralph has learnt how to put the T.V on and he switches over!  At first we thought it was by mistake but everytime we all sit at the table to do our school work Ralph finds the remote and stands on it to switch the T.V on!  He must be bored of school work!  He is a mischevious dog, isn't he?

Well, I better get back to fractions and algebra - wish me luck!

Have a great day.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

Hope you are well.  Did you hear the thunder and see the lightening on Saturday?  It was a very loud storm.  Poor Ralph was really scared.  He was shaking bless him.

I hope you enjoy the work set for you this week.  I think you will like doing the Wanted poster - remember to use noun phrases to describe the character in detail.  Hope you let your imaginations go wild when you are using the picture of the wolf.  

Missing you so much.

Take care my little angels.

Mrs Lea x​​


Hello 2L,

How are you all?  Hope you are having a good day.  I hope you are working hard but also remembering to have time out when you need it.

Every day I wish things were better and wish that we could be back together.  I feel really sad that we were not able to have our full year together but we have to remain positive and think about the fun times we had and look forward to the future.  As long as you and your families are safe and well that is the main thing.

Take care my lovelies!

Mrs Lea x​ 


Hi 2L,

What are you up to today?  Nice weather for ducks and people who like jumping in puddles!  I hope it brightens up but Tia who is a weather woman in her part time says it is going to pour down all day!  We will see if she is right.

I am sitting with my daughter and son doing their work - they are fed up today and keep huffing and puffing! Some days you can just get on with your work but other days it is hard - we all feel that way from time to time and that is okay.  We just have to keep going and remember it will not always be like this.

Well, I am going to leave you and will write again soon.

Keep smiling if you can and think nice thoughts that will help.

Take care

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  It was nice to see some sunshine today - we had a barbeque and guess who enjoyed it the most...you've got it - Ralphie dog, he especially liked the sausages and he was sitting down, putting his paw up, laying down, throwing a ball across the garden in order to get a sausage!  He loved it!

I have planned your work this week - English work is all about having a magic carpet - how great would that be!  Where would you visit?  Why?  If you could take two people with you, who would you take and why?  I wish we had a massive flying carpet I would take you to a beach, we could make lots of sandcastles, paddle in the sea, have a picnic and then an icecream whilst we watched the dolphins play in the sea!  Now, that would be a class trip to remember wouldn't it?  We can dream can't we?

Maths is all about data handling and statistics - tally charts etc.  We did this a long time a go but I know you will try your hardest and not give up!

Anyway I am going to stop writing now as it is getting late and I am very tired.  I will be in school on Monday with keyworker children, I love being with them but I wish you could be there too.  Still missing you and always will!

Take care my little angels.

Mrs Lea x​

PS I have checked the planning again as someone reported that a website was not working - really annoying as I checked it last night and it was fine so yet again I have changed it and added a few more activities.  Hope you like.  ​


Hi 2L,

Hope you are having a good day, I have written you a little poem - are you ready:

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, 

Although it's lovely, I still miss you!

It is only a little one I am afraid as I am really tired, I couldn't sleep last night so today I am finding it hard to keep my eyes open.  When I did nod off I was dreaming of all your work going missing so you were all very cross with me because the planning wasn't there.  When I woke up I ran down the stairs to check my lap top - phew it was a dream but it was very realistic!

I went to buy Ralph a cooling mat earlier on today as he is really struggling with the heat, I was so excited coming in and thought he is going to be so happy and love me forever.   You know what he did, 2L? He ran off and would not go near it!  Won't even stand on it let alone lay on it! I give up!  Think I will lay on it instead! Hehehe, I try!

Well I am going to let you go as I think you need to go and play in the sunshine.  Have fun my little angels.


Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

How are you on this fine day? Hope you and your families are well.  It looks like it is going to be a very hot day, so drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and remember to put suncream on.  Oh and I nearly forgot - Have a great day!

I hope you are all reading lots - if you are running out of books at home remember to go on Oxford Owl you can get e-books on there.  It is important to keep up with your reading as you have made great progess this year so keep it up!

Cannot believe how fast this week has gone - I usually love this term with my class as we are looking to the future and looking how far my class have come over the year.  We can still do this but I do feel cheated that we won't be able to do this together.  Every day you make me proud, as I know  you will be trying your best, this whole situation has been hard but I know you will come out of this stronger and hopefully you will be able to start a new year in September and come to visit me with all your latest adventures!  I can't wait!

Thank you for being you!

Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L, 

Been in school today - it was lovely to see Zakk and Mya in school today and they had really nice smiles and cheered me up.  It was very hot today wasn't it?  I am boiling and poor Ralph is panting and cannot move with the heat although he will not lay on his cooling mat I got him, he sits by it but not on it! I give up! He he he!

My sister should have got married today so it was sad that she was not able to have her special day but keep reminding her she is safe and well and her wedding day will be amazing next year - this virus is not being very fair - wish it would go away!

Are you doing anything at the weekend?  I am going to chill I think, read a book and colour in - maybe a bit of mindfulness too!  In reality, my children will be arguing all the time, I will read the same line in my book a million times, Ralph will be trying to get on my knee so it may not go to plan but it is nice to dream!

Well, have a brilliant weekend and whatever you do - ​have a good time.

Big hugs

Mrs Lea x​


Dear 2L

How are you and your families?  Hope you are well.  I have been cutting out lots of cardboard as I am going to do the art we did with the group in school.  Remember we did the faces in the style of Picasso? That's what I will be doing with the children in school.  I know you really enjoyed this - your work was fantastic and I was really proud of you so I am sure the group will like it too.  I will let you know.

If you feel like doing the above at home all you need is an old box and make a funny face!

25 Picasso Inspired Art Projects For Kids | Self portrait art ...

I am missing you, you will be getting your reports soon and I wanted to thank you for being in my class - I really am sorry we didn't get to do a full year together but the time we were together you worked hard and I am so proud of your achievements.  

Have a great week next week and I will write to you again.

Big hugs

Mrs Lea x​


Dear 2L,

How are you all?  Hope you are okay, I am tired today - some days you wake up tired - I wonder why?  The sun is hiding today - I wish it would come out and cheer us all up.  

I did some parrots with the group in school yesterday - we are doing some pirate work.  I will try and take a photo tomorrow and show you.  We also did pictures of pirates.  The children worked hard.

My children are bored, bored, bored and in grumpy moods today!  Everything is so boring apparently.  They are not happy and I am not helping as I keep say they have to finish their work.  I don't think they like me being their teacher - how very rude!  Even Ralph is fed up he is sitting on the chair curled up and he keeps huffing and puffing!  Hopefully, tomorrow they will all cheer up - I am in school tomorrow so at least they have a break from me - Mr Lea can teach them!

Well, I better go and motivate my children - wish me luck - Got the feeling I will need it today.

Big hugs - Keep smiling

Mrs Lea x​


Hi guys - How are you doing?

Hope you are well and being good for your families.  I have been in school today and we did a wanted poster for a mean pirate, some pirate maths and a collage of a pirate ship and to finish off we made some finger puppets.  We were busy bees.  The children worked hard and were proud of their masterpieces!

Hope you have worked well today and enjoyed your activities.  Cannot believe that we only have two weeks after this week before the summer holidays.  Crazy to think the last times I saw you we had a full term to go.

I have found a new activitity sheet to do in July - it's worth looking at.  Hopefully it can help you and your families find some happiness and give you some positive thoughts.

July 2020 Small

Well, take care of you.  Stay safe and have a good night.  Speak to you.

Big hugs

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

How are you doing?  Hope you are well.  By now you should have read your reports - I am sure you are proud of your achievements and I hope your families know how proud of you I am too!  I have just been planning for your work and the children in school's work - I am sure you will enjoy the activities.  Wish we were together to do it but we will just have to pretend!

There has been so much rain over this week and my garden, plants and seeds are growing nicely but I wish the sun would come out.  What are you up to over the weekend? We haven't got any plans but I am sure it will involve me tidying up! Not the most exciting activity -  hope you think of something a bit more creative! He he!

Well whatever you do, have a great weekend and I will write to you next week.

Take care.

Mrs Lea x​


Dear 2L,

How are you?  Hope you have had a nice day and enjoyed the sunshine.  I was in school with my group and we did work on Dragons - The children used 2D shapes to make dragons then they tried to scare Mr Moore and Ms Sparks.  They also did a wanted poster and some maths work.  It was good fun.  Today went really fast and we could not believe it was home time.  Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Cannot believe that we will be finishing for summer in 9 days now - and you will be in year 3 before we know it!  I really do wish we would have had the whole year together because I have loved your teacher but I know you will be ready for your new challenge and hope you pop in to say hi.

Take care and have a good week.

Mrs Lea x​


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Our Class Moto

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                Child of the Week and Star of the day: ​

​YOU are ALL my child and Stars of the Day until we are back together ...keep being you!

You continue to be my little stars this week.  I am so proud of you all.  Keep smiling and trying hard.

           Image result for thought of the day for kids                                                                          

 I have made a dragon just for you like I promised!  I tried my best it's not the greatest dragon and resources were limited but I hope it inspires you to make a dragon of your own!

1.  I did a plan and decided how I was going to get the mouth to open and close...
2.  I collected by boxes and equipment to make my dragon.
3.  I cut, stuck and made my dragon.
unpainted dragon.jpg 

4.  I painted my dragon with red paint because this is the only colour I had!

5.  Shared it with you to make you smile!
2 Dragon.jpg
Made for you with love!

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​Hiya 2L,
Pencil Writing Clipart Black And White | Writings And Essays ...
Writing Ideas:  

If you want to write some stories if you can on Pobble365.com you will find some pictures that may inspire to write a story.

For those who haven't got access to a computer how about writing about one of the following:

1.  Finding a dragon's egg

2.  A new world.

3.  A ruler for the day. What would you do?

4. A journey

5.  A Giant.

Design a poster for children to keep smiling ...

 Image result for cheesy smile​​
  • Display your poster to help you and your family smile.

Write a book review 

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Saw this and thought it may help you and your families...


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Dear 2L,

How are you?  Hope you had a good weekend.  How are you feeling?  Remember if you are worried about anything speak to someone - as I always say if you share your worries you half them and they become smaller and more manageable.

It is all feeling strange isn't it? I cannot wait to go back to school and catch up with you but until then I will keep writing to you.  If you want to write me a letter now and then feel free and when we come together again I will read them.  

We made some salt dough today - found some flour that was out of date so I didn't waste any food but we made rainbows, stars and unicorns.  They have to be baked in the oven for 3 hours so as soon as they are done we will paint them and show them to you.  

​Also, Tia had to cook some cakes for food technology so we cooked them all by herself but don't worry I won't expect her to eat them all I will help her!  Ralph is sitting down, licking his lips and keeps wagging his tail as he is waiting too - of-course we know dogs can't eat cakes but of course Ralph doesn't really think he is a dog!

Big hugs to you all.

Mrs Lea x


Hi My little angels ... yes I am talking to you, 2L!  How are you doing?  I have been working on planning some activities for you for after the Easter Break so I will post this up for you on 20th April so you will have new activities to do.  We will be reading a book about a little monster who is disgusting and when he has an addition to the family is NOT happy!

Hope you are well and keeping yourself busy. It's hard isn't it?  Try to do some nature activities.  Look at the poster on your right to give you some ideas that are easy to do and fun!

My children have been doing PE outside doing the Keepy up competition.  Ralph is watching them at the door and is crying as he wants to play but they won't let him as he keeps getting in the way.  Bless him, he is not happy!

Well, I was impressed with the Saltdough when it was finally done, still can't believe that you have to cook it in the oven for three hours!  

Tia's cakes were beautiful and when we are allowed back in school I will get her to cook some for our class. They were yummy!

I will leave you with some pictures of our Saltdough creations - they were easy to make and took our mind off being bored!

Mrs Lea x

Before baked in the oven...                  Baked in the oven and painted!

Image previewImage previewImage preview

Baked in the oven and painted ...

01/04/20  White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit - apparently if you say White Rabbit three times at the beginning of the month it is supposed to be lucky.  So let's hope it's true!

​Bonjour 2L,

Ca va? (How are you?)  I have just gone for a walk with my children for PE - they went on their bikes and I jogged, walked and then hobbled as my knee 'went' half way round.  It took me ages to hobble back and now my knee has decided to swell like a balloon!  Quick where are the ice-packs when I need them!  I will be fine but I am feeling sorry for myself!

Apart from that I am doing ok, missing you but trying to keep busy and trying to teach Tia and Thomas which is well harder than teaching my little angels!  Don't tell them I said that! He he!

Ralph is having a cuddly day just for a change so I am typing with him balanced on my knee and he keeps pressing the keys on the keyboard so if there are random letters in the letter it is down to a favourite, cuddly little bundle of fur!

Hope you are trying to keep positive and well. I know it is not always easy but take a minute to focus on your breathing.  Close your eyes and focus ...take a deep breath ... R-e-l-a-x, empty your mind of your thoughts and breathe...  Ralph is now snoring!  Think he is relaxed now!  Mrs Lea x


​​Hi 2L,  

What are you up to today?  If you could go anywhere on a magic carpet where would you go?  Why did you choose there?  Who or what would you take?  What adventures would you go on?  Ask your family - what they would do?

I have started a mood chart as well as a diary about what is going on in the world at the minute.  I have used different colours to​​ track my mood. You are welcome to copy it or make your own.  If you notice you are having negative thoughts, remember to share them - you are not alone we are all feeling different emotions/feelings. Click on the link below. 

​​My Mood Tracker.docx

​Well, going to say bye for now. Keep smiling and being brave but don't feel bad if you are feeling sad or angry.  Remember it is perfectly fine to feel these feelings just think about how you calm yourself down.

Until tomorrow.

Bye for now.  Mrs Lea x​

PS Remember to clap at 8pm to thank the people are helping us at the minute:  Delivery drivers, cleaners, shop workers and people who work in schools.  We are very grateful for them and for the NHS staff.

Clapping Applause GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY 

Clap for the carers...we appreciate you all!​


Hi all,

How are you today?  Hope you are well and hope you are ready for Easter. It will be a different holiday but try to get out in the garden and have fun.  You have worked hard and deserve a rest and so do your parents for that matter!

I am going to see if I have some paint in the garage and paint my living room - it will give me something to do over the 'holiday'.  Dreading it as I know Ralph will decide to 'help me' and we all know what that means.  He will rub his fur in the paint, have a nosey in the paint and get it on his nose and then decide to go paddling in the paint and then do some paw printing all over the house!  Actually, I think I may give it a miss now, I have scared myself!

​  This looks just like my first dog, Barney. Cockapoos are such good ...​​​ 

Do not be fooled into thinking he is an angel!  He is not...Actually he is getting much fluffier now... Bless him, he needs his fringe cutting!  I may have to be a hairdresser or put a bobble in his fringe!  Wish we could have a vote!

Ralph.jpgWell I am going to say goodbye for now.  Happy Easter and I will write again soon.  Don't eat too many Easter eggs!  Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Lea x

PS I don't know where my jokes have gone!  They have disappeared from my website... Can you make a joke book for our class to share when we come back?  This could be done over the holiday just for fun!​


Hi 2L,

Hope you had a good break and did not eat too many Easter eggs!  I hope that you are all well and keeping safe.  The weather has been lovely hasn't it?  We decided to tidy our garden, it looks better but we need to get some flowers and plants but I am not green fingered as you know and most plants and flowers sadly don't grow very well. 

We have been for daily walks and we have found some nice walks where we live.  Ralph is loving them and he found a nice, dirty and smelly puddle to roll in.  He was so impressed with himself.  We then had to bath him and he was not amused!

Hope you are finding the work I set you fun, please do not get stressed out by it - just try your best and if you make a mistake - that is showing me you are trying!

Keep smiling.

Mrs Lea x​


Hiya 2L,

How are you doing?  Hope you and your families are well.  I have been working on my Lego skills ... I designed a house.  It had lots of windows and doors, I was going to take a photograph but Ralph... you've guessed it decided to have a closer look and my beautiful, rainbow coloured house is now a pile of little bricks!    R - a - l - p - h!

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting the chance to play outside.  We are doing our school work in the garden  - it is lovely but I have got to say there is not a time when I don't miss you and wish I could have a chat in the sunshine.  We have to remind ourselves that it is important to stay safe and hopefully one day soon we will be together again.

Take care.

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

How are you doing?  Hope you and your families are well.  The sun is still shining which is good as I hope you are able to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.  I have been doing a maths course today - I would rather be teaching you maths!  I miss playing our maths games and seeing what methods you liked the best.

I miss our writing lessons and watch you add more and more detail to make your writing better.  Hope you are enjoying Winnie the Witch - I know a lot of you liked the Winnie the Witch stories that's why I chose it for you.

A few jokes before I go:  

Which dinosaur knew the most words?  

The Thesaurus

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Atch. Atch who? Bless you!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? I am. I am who? You don’t know who you are?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ya. Ya Who? Wow, I’m excited to see you too.​

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Iva. Iva who? I’ve a sore hand from knocking!

​Take care.

Mrs Lea


Hi children,

How are you all keeping?  Hope you and your families are well and looking after each other.  I am a little bit bored and I really want to go back to school with you, I miss my little angels!

Hopefully it won't be long until we are together and we can continue where we left off.  Home school sounds fun but I know my children are fed up with mum the teacher and are desperate to have their teachers from school.

This week try looking up, when you are in the garden or on your walk look up and see what can you see.  Are there any clouds?  Can you see the leaves on the trees?  What can you hear?  Live in that moment and breathe slowly, it is important to have time to calm and relax.  Have a go, encourage your family to do the same.  Maybe you could go on Go Noodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga​ - if you are feeling stressed or angry think about the ways we said that we could use to calm our bodies and minds.

Knock, knock Who's there? Broken pencil Broken pencil who? Oh, never mind it's pointless!

Why did the children eat their homework? Because their teacher said it was a piece of cake.​

What did one math book say to the other? Don't bother me I've got my own problems! 

Hope you have a good day, guys.

Virtual hugs

Mrs Lea​


Dear children,

How are you doing?  I am well but missing you lots.  I have attempted to put a link on the timetable so if you click on the link starting with http. that should help you go straight to the resource.  I have never done this before so I hope it works for you!

I have been teaching my children at home and it is testing my brain as high school work is much more complicated than year 2!  I want to go back to my angels in year 2!  

My husband has been digging in the garden and Ralph has been sitting watching very carefully.  We let him out to play in the garden and guess what?  He has decided to dig his very own hole in the garden.  Right in the middle of the grass!  My husband was not happy but I couldn't help laugh as Ralph was wagging his tail looking really proud of himself.  He sat by the hole as if to say 'ta dah'.  My husband is trying to fix the hole now and Ralph is watching through the door crying!  Poor Ralph!

Well need to get back to English with my children...wish me luck!

Have a good day.

Keep smiling

Mrs Lea x​


Hi 2L,

How are you on this sunny day?  Hope you are well and being good.  

We are designing a tree house for English today in year 6 and year 8 in the Lea School.  I am getting very excited but my children do not have the same enthusiasm.  I have got some wild ideas but they are not impressed.  Remember when we talked about being a king or queen for the day and I said that I would like to slide down the banisters!  We all laughed and said we could have races - this is what I miss as you went with my ideas!  If you could design a tree house what would you have?  Would you have slides built in the branches to let you go down the different levels, would you have a trampolines so you could get up a level?  How about a massive​ ball pit of your very own and a swimming pool at the top of your tree?  Just some of my brilliant ideas - I know you are thinking - wow, Mrs Lea should be a tree house designer!

Well, I better go now but I will write again tomorrow.  Look after yourselves.


Mrs Lea x


Hi 2L,

How are you doing?  We are fine and trying hard to keep motivated, some days are good and some days are harder but you know something?  That is okay.

I have found a website called Cosmic Kids Yoga...I think you will like it...have a go. 

Also if you want to go on maths games go on TopMarks.  Enjoy.  I am going to give you all lots of dojo points for working so hard! Keep going you are doing brilliantly.

Keep going.  Stay strong and keep safe.

Best wishes

Mrs Lea x​