Reading Books

We will change the home reading books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please do not worry if you don’t get the opportunity to read every night, keep the book until your child has read it to you, then sign the diary to say it has been read. However, reading is not just about reading the words, it is far more than that. Understanding what the children are reading about is essential. Ask your child questions about their book, e.g. what is...., what does that word mean?.... How do you know?.... What do you think will happen next?.... Can you think of a different ending for the story? It is far more important to really engage with a book, remember it is not a race to see who can get into the highest band first! We assess the children's reading on a number of criteria.


Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.

For those of you that have viewed our class web page recently, we have decided to change our half termly topic from Green Fingers to ‘Toys’. January and February are not good months for growing, investigating and identifying plants! So, sorry for the sudden change. 

This term our topic will be



This is going to be a very busy but fun term.

Here are some of the things we will be doing:


Science: we will be performing simple tests and experiments to find out which surface is the best for our model skateboards to travel on, and what are the best kind of wheels and axles to use.

Geography: we will find out about which toys children play with in different parts of the world. We will be looking at our own country and be naming and locating major cities and towns on a map.

Computingwe will be learning to use the internet safely to research toys in the past and from across the world

R.E. Worship - Christian Churches and Islam

Art & Design Technology: colour, pattern, texture, line, shape form and space; painting and sculpture.  We will be making our own moveable toy skateboards and decorating them with paint or printing techniques.

Music: playing instruments and composing our own songs!

PE: P.E. will be on Wednesday and Thursday (Mr. Bainbridge is back for the Thursday slot!)

History: We will explore the history of toys; what games and toys children played with in the past - Grandparents get your thinking caps on! What did you play with when you were a child?

PSE: looking after each other.


 As you can see it will be a very busy half-term!​


Year 2 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar booklet 


 Year 1 Expectations Booklet for Parents


Year 2 Expectations Booklet for Parents 

Class Information


  • The days children do P.E. on change every half term. This term we will be doing PE on  Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school (T-shirt, shorts and pumps/trainers) and that all items are clearly labelled with their name. We encourage children to practise getting dressed at home to help them get changed independently and quickly in school!
  • The children are allowed to bring in a water bottle to keep in class which they can access throughout the day. It is school policy however, that drinks must be water only. Please make sure your child's name is written clearly on their water bottle.

  • Would you please make sure that your child does not bring in toys from home as we have found that these are often the cause of upset, especially if they are lost or damaged.

  • Snack in 1-2T is slightly different from Reception. For 20p a day (£1 weekly), the children can buy fruit at morning playtime. Free fruit is still given to all children each afternoon.

  • I am sure that you will understand that it is very important that you tell me if someone different is to collect your child at the end of the day - and I do like to confirm their identity before releasing your child!

Friday, 9th February, 2018
Pancake Day
We hope you will all come and join us