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Information for parents

Snack is £1.25 per week. Please put money in a named envelope and give to your child to bring into class on a Monday to put in the snack basket.

Please check your child's box every night for letters

Reading books and reading diaries need to be in school every Monday. Please ensure you record in the reading diary when you have read with your child. Book bags will be returned with new books every Wednesday. Please regularly spend time reading with your child.

Please contribute to your child's scrapbook on a regular basis so we are informed about your child's interests and achievements. These books are a fantastic opportunity for your child to share their interests and news with the class.
Our PE day regularly changes so please send a named PE kit into school to be left on your child's peg for each half term. 

Fresh water is always available for the children in class but if your child has a water bottle in school, please make sure it is clearly named and contains plain water only. Other children will drink it if you put anything else in.
You will need to take it home and wash it daily. 


Activities related to what is being taught in school are regularly sent home for you to complete with your child. You do not always have to send completed work back in but we would love to hear how your child has done.

​​Thank you

Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Fallon

Dates for the diary:

Our Class Assembly

Friday 12th July @ 9.15 am

Share a story parent/child session

Friday 5th July @ 2.30-3pm

Trip to Farmer Teds

Friday 28th June

"​​​Look at my Books" parent/child session

Friday 24th May @ 1.20-2pm

​​Art parent/child session: Castles

Monday 28th January @ 2.15

​​Christmas crafts parent/child session

Monday 17th December @ 1.30

​​Creative writing -​ parent/child session​​​

Monday 8th October @ 2.15pm​

Summer 2019 - Habitats ​

 Learning through story: 

​The Bad-Tempered Ladybird​​​​

Handa's Surprise

​​Personal and social development
​Through story, we will look at the effects of moods and feelings on our actions. We will consider ways to express and control different emotions. We will learn how to look after our mental health through our whole school approach to wellbeing. We will consider how our actions can affect others.
In RE we will focus on families and people who we love. We will consider different family structures and how we care for each other. We will also look at Christian charities and the work they do for others.

Communication and Language
​We will continue work on our rhymes of the week and learning stories with actions. We will continue discussing what we do outside of school with the use of our scrapbooks. We will have daily discussions about our learning and class activities. We will act out known stories and rhymes through role play, small world play, storyboards and puppets.

​Physical development
​​PE is on Tuesdays for the first half term and Thursdays for the second half. We will develop our large motor movements through a mixture of dance, gymnastics and games relating to stories told in class. Some sessions will be held in the field (weather permitting) In the 2nd half term we will focus on football skills.
This term writing will be a big focus. We will continue to practice correct letter formation, sizing and keeping our writing on the lines. We will continue with fine motor play activities to continue to develop our dexterity.
Story and rhyme remains the focus for all our learning. We will be reading both fiction and non-fiction everyday to foster a love of reading. 
In writing, children now have their own writing books to write about whatever interests them. This is seperate from our class work books and children will be encouraged to write in these books every week.
We will continue changing known stories by adding new characters, settings and events. Children will be encouraged to write their own short stories.
Through theme work, children will be encouraged to write for different purposes, eg lists, instructions, rhymes, messages, invitations etc.
In phonics, we are now looking at how to read longer words and letter blends eg fr, bl, mp etc. The children will be working in groups according to their ability on phonics everyday.
In number, we will be learning how to double and half numbers. We will continue with simple addition and subtraction and becoming secure with numbers to 20. 
In shape space and measures our focus is "time"
In the second half term we will be revisiting all maths topics to ensure children are secure with all elements.
​Understanding the World
Through stories,​ we will be looking at a range of different species and their habitats. We will focus on how we need to care for these habitats and the consequences of what happens when we don'​t. We will look at recycling and caring for our own environment too!
​Exploring Art and Design​​​​​​​
​Art, craft, music and design will continue throughout the term relating to our themes.

Links to useful websites
​​letters and sounds pronunciation​
Development Matters​ 

Spring 2019: Traditional T​ales​​ 

Spring 1 : Castles, Knights and Princesses  Spring 2: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

​Personal and social development: SEAL: Weekly activities under the theme of  ​"Good to be me/Going for goals." ​​​​​​RE: We will be looking at how we celebrated Christmas and New year. We will consider the differences in our own family traditions with others. ​We will look at the Hindu festival of Holi.

​Communication and Language: ​Rhyme of the week, Question and answer time with scrapbooks, Talk for writing (learning stories with actions), Class discussions, Extending vocabulary through topic work, Role play

Physical Development: ​​​In the first half term we will be focusing on coordination in PE. We will be using equipment to balance and control our movements. We will be becoming more competent with fastenings in clothing whist getting changed into our kits and wrapping up to go outside into the cold. We will begin to introduce "the daily run" as followed by the whole school. We will also continue to work on our fine motor control (pencil grip) and forming letters correctly. We will discuss healthy eating and how to look after our bodies during snack time and daily routines. Our PE focus for the 2nd half term is gymnastics

Literacy: ​We will be exploring traditional tales with links to castles. In spring 2 our focus will be stories linked to The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will continue to develop our story mapping skills and will be inventing our own stories. We will be reading and writing parts of stories using our phonic knowledge. In phonics we will be learning "digraphs" and "trigraphs" where two or three letters together can make one sound. In the 2nd half term we will focus on vowel sounds.

Math: In number we will be learning to count reliably with numbers to 20. In Shape, Space and Measure we will be using 3D shapes and learning mathematical terms to describe shape. ​In Spring 2 we will be comparing measures and looking at positional language. We will also be adding and subtracting with numbers to 20. 

Understanding the World: Investigating castles, knights and royalty. ​In Spring 2 we will be looking at different types of bridges and learning about goats and their habitats. 

Expressive art and design: Building castles, moats, drawbridges​, Role play, themed artwork, Music: ​This term a specialist music teacher will be working with the children on the story of Rapunzel. In spring 2 we will be designing and making our own trolls and bridges. We will also work on designing traps to catch a troll.




Autumn 2 2018: The Night Sky​

​​Personal and social development: SEAL: ​Understanding and managing our feelings​​​​​​​RE: ​Important times for our community (Christianity)

​Communication and Language: ​Rhyme of the week, Question and answer time with scrapbooks, Talk for writing (learning stories with actions), Class discussions, Investigating the meanings of words in stories.

Physical Development: ​​​In PE this term we will be focusing on dance. We will be learning to become independent in getting dressed and undressed for PE. We will also continue to work on our fine motor control (pencil grip) and forming letters correctly (lower case)

Literacy: ​We will be reaching the end of "Phase 2 letters and sounds" We will be assessing the children on their progress so far and planning for their next steps. Stories will form the basis of our topic. We will continue to develop our story mapping skills and will be inventing our own stories.

Math: We will be looking at 2D shape and repeating patterns. In number we will be adding and subtracting numbers to 10. We will be learning to count forwards and backwards to find the answer.

Understanding the World: Investigating the night sky

Expressive art and design: Night sky crafts, ​lullabies,​​ Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas activities, Role play.

Autumn 1 2018: ​​Pets

​​Personal and social development: We will be making friends and learning the rules and routines of the class. We will be learning to share and take turns and use our words to sort out disagreements.

Communication and language: ​We will be getting to know each other and our likes and dislikes. We will be taking about our weekend news through our scrapbooks and discussing what we have been learning in school.

Physical development: We will be playing outside every day even in the rain so we need suitable clothing at all times. We will be going into the hall to play games to get ready for formal PE lessons after half term. We will be learning to hold a pencil correctly and to form letters and numbers.

Literacy: ​We will be learning a new letter and its sound every day. We will be bringing these sounds home to practice. We will be learning to tell stories using pictures and story maps. We will be changing stories to make them our own.

Math​: We will be introduced to "Ten town" and be learning to understand the values of numbers 1-10. We will be matching numbers to sets and learning what numbers come before and after a given number. 

Understanding the world: ​We will be talking about pet animals, their features, and how to care and look after them. 

Expressive arts and design: We will be exploring a variety of crafts, music and role play through our theme of pets. We will be learning a new rhyme every week.