​​Welcome to Nursery

Nursery​ Class 2019/2020


  • Our nursery sessions are Monday to Friday from 08:55 to 11:55.
  • Snack is 25p per day or £1.25 for the full week.
  • PE sessions are on a Wednesday. The children only need black pumps, which can be left in school.
  • The children will be given a library book to share with you at home. Please find the time to read the book with your child and talk about what is happening in the pictures. Books will be changed in nursery on  Monday. If your child does not have a school book bag, they can be purchased from the school office.  
  • Please make sure all of your child's clothes and belongings are named.
  • Please, please, please do not allow your child to bring toys into nursery. They can get very upset when they get broken or lost.​ Toys are still making their way into class and the children are getting upset when told they are not allowed them. Please support us in this matter. 
  • Please send your child into school with a water bottle filled only with plain water please. 

​Please click on the link below to see copies of letters that have been sent home.

Spring Term 2 medium term plan - activities.pdf

Spring Term 2 medium term plan - skills.pdf

Welcome to Nursery
Summer 1, 2020
News​ letter Spring 2 2020.pdf

School Closures June 2020

I hope you are all still managing to stay safe and well during the current situation.  Please don't forget to have a look at some of these useful websites that you can access for activities and games:








http://www.twinkl.co.uk (month free for parents during school closures)


http://www.worldbook.kiaboo.com/reader/worldbook (a selection of e-books and audio books)

Please make sure you vary the activities that you do with your children to reflect what would be taught in school. The children need to practice their pencil control, nursery rhymes, counting, shapes, physical activities and learning through play. They will also benefit from lots of stories to help build up their vocabulary as well as being spoken to regularly to help further develop their communication skills.




School closure update - Monday 22nd June 2020

Hopefully you are still managing to stay safe and sane!!! Let's hope the rain has passed us and that the sun will be coming out again soon. There are still ​plenty of activities on the websites and on the weekly timetables that will hopefully keep you busy. There are a mixture of activities that can be done inside or outside. 

​It was nice to see some of our 'bubble' children back in school today. Hopefully they got back into the routine fairly easily. I am looking forward to seeing those children again on Wednesday. 

If you click on the link below, the weekly timetable will become visible.  

 The following websites may still be useful

Home Learning Weekly Planner 13.07.20.pdf

http://www.themathsfactor.com - lots of math's activities for children aged 4-12. You will have to join but it is free during the period of school closures.

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/around-the-house-scavenger-hunt-t-sc-2549922 - this is a scavenger hunt that can be done around the house (or even outside in the garden).

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/home-early-years/early-years-class-management/school-closure-home-learning-classroom-management-eyfs-early-years - this link takes you to the Early Years home learning packs. There are a few to choose from.

You may need to set up login details for twinkl but it's free for a month for parents during school closures.

If you still fancy doing a fitness class /PE lesson with the children, then Joe Wicks is your man. He's live on you tube every morning at 9am.  If this is not your cuppa, then try a nice walk or a bike ride. Don't forget about yoga - sessions available on youtube. 

Take care and I will be in touch again soon.

Mrs. Gibson 















                     ​    ​


PE and Outdoor Play

 We have enjoyed our PE sessions this half term, although changing into our PE pumps is very tricky business!!
We have done some dancing, using the 'Sticky Kids' CD's as well as having a go on some of the small apparatus. 

​Playing outdoors is great fun, especially climbing, playing with the musical instruments, pushing prams and ​riding bikes. 

​We have enjoyed some new games recently. We have played 'sharks'; 'horse and jockey'; 'child under the blanket'; 'wake up bear' and 'duck duck goose'. Ask your child to tell you all about them - they played them well and were able to follow all of the instructions. 






Outdoor Play